The Weeknd Net Worth 2022| Is The Weeknd A Billionaire?

One homeless musician has made it to the music industry and succeeded after posting his video singing on YouTube.

Now, he has made a name for himself and even the headline of the Superbowl. Only the superstars like Shakira, Beyonce, J.Lo, and Prince have taken on this influential gig. But now, it has been reserved for him.

The Weeknd Net Worth. How rich is The Weeknd?
The Weeknd By Salandco Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

After being in the spotlight for almost a decade, his stage name has been everywhere in the world, with millions of album sales. In 2022, the singer has released a new album entitled Dawn FM. With all this, his fans are interested in The Weeknd’s net worth 2022. 

In this post, we will share with you how much is the global superstar worth. Essentially, you will find out how wealthy has the homeless singer become. Keep reading!

How Much Is The Weeknd Net Worth?

In 2022, the estimated net worth of music artists is around 200 million dollars. Since his debut, the career of the singer-songwriter has gone stronger and stronger.

So far, he has been nominated for the Academy Awards and taken home 15 Juno Awards, 2 MTV Music Awards, 19 Billboard Music Awards, 6 American Music Awards, and 3 Grammy Awards.

Is The Weeknd A Billionaire?

As mentioned above, the net worth of the music artist is 100 million dollars. So he is not a billionaire. But in terms of his views on YouTube, he has about 4.8 billion total views. This is the year 2020 only.

How Much Is The Weeknd Net Worth? Is The Weeknd A Billionaire?
The Weeknd By Pedro Mora Licensed under CC BY 3.0

In other words, all the videos of the singer have been viewed about 4.9 billion times. As most of his fans know, the singer has started on YouTube. The record producer has released his music anonymously since 2010.

This amount of views is more remarkable than Drake with 2.79 billion views. Still, it is not enough to exceed Justin Bieber’s with 5.25 billion views. After all, he is the king of YouTube.

How Does He Spend His Wealth?

Since he comes from nothing, the singer does not forget to share his wealth. He has a long list of charities to which he has donated to.

For instance, he gave away 1.5 million dollars in 2020 to help front liners and musicians that are affected by the global pandemic. Some of which were also divided among various organizations.

How Does The Weeknd Spend His Wealth?
The Weeknd By hourly weeknd (@weekndhourly) Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

The philanthropic ways of the recording artist have to do with his hard-rock upbringing. He has never known what it felt like to have money, and he also does not know what it would feel to lose money. So he gave them away. He is not used to having wealth in the first place.

Aside from his philanthropic ways, the record producer also splashed out on real estate. His property portfolio comprises a penthouse in Los Angeles which he paired for 21 million dollars.

This has been the most luxurious condo sale in the history of Los Angeles. Other than that, he also has a house in LA worth 20 million dollars.

It’s A Wrap!

After reading the entire post on The Weeknd net worth 2022, you have discovered how rich does the singer becomes after attaining success in 2010. But he is not a billionaire just yet. He woulda long way to go. We never know!

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