Timothée Chalamet Net Worth 2022| How Wealthy is Timothée in 2022

As a talented actor, Timothée Chalamet most undoubtedly outshines the list in young Hollywood. In 2008, with a sequence of short films, The New York City citizen began his acting career.

And currently, he’s performing in Oscar-approved movies like Call Me by Your Name and Lady Bird. Timothée’s net worth also proves his acting career is growing as his acting character!

Everything about Timothée Chalamet net worth and income sources.
Timothée Chalamet by Nine Stars licensed under CC BY 3.0

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the Timothée Chalamet net worth is $10 million. To know more about how Timothée constructs money and how the wealth is! Please keep reading!

Quick Fact

Stage Name:??m?thé? ?h?l?m?
R??l N?m???m?thé? ??l ?h?l?m?t
??rth D?t?27 D???mb?r 1995
??rth ?l?ce??nh?tt?n, N?w Y?rk ??t?, U.S.A
?ge26 ???r? ?ld
W??ght68 kg
???u?l ?r??nt?t??n:?tr??ght
??r?t?l ?t?tu??n ? r?l?t??n?h??
G?rlfr??nd N?m?L?l?-R??? D???
?? ??m?thé? ?h?l?m?t G???No
N?t W?rth ?n 2022$10 m?ll??n
L??t U?d?t?d??nu?r? 2022

As a French-American actor, ??m?thé? ?h?l?m?t has first created a popularity by acting in television and later on, he switched to the film industry. The talented young entertainer gained much notoriety and immense wealth through TV and commercials.

??rl? L?f? & ???gr??h?

On December 27, in the year 1995, ??m?thé? ?h?l?m?t was born in ??nh?tt?n, U.?.?. His father’s name was the N???l? Fl?nd?r, and mother name was ??r? ?h?l?m?t. In earlier, his father was ? Broadway dancer, and now he is ? real estate agent while his mother ??r? ?h?l?m?t ?? an ?d?t?r for the UN???F.

Though, ?? carries dual citizenship in the United States and France. In contrast, his father ?? French and ?? from ? protection origin and his mother ?? of Russian and Austrian ??w??h descent. ?? has an ?ld?r sister Pauline, who ?? also an actress and lives in Paris. 

Earlier, he wants to become ? football player. However, he completed it as an actor. At ? very young age, he began acting and seemed in Tv commercials and later on in a few short films. ??? breakthrough execution was Call ?? by Your Name.

N?t W?rth & ??l?r? ?f ??m?thé? ?h?l?m?t ?n 2022

??m?thé? ?h?l?m?t N?t W?rth

A young American actor Timothée Chalamet’s net worth is approximately $10 million. Ever since the magnetic Timothée Chalamet’s not only has gained popularity through his breakthrough acting skill, his career also has seen a steady growth graph towards being an established actor.

N?t W?rth & ??l?r? ?f ??m?thé? ?h?l?m?t ?n 2022.
??m?thé? ?h?l?m?t by Maximilian Bühn licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

So, at a young age, his massive hard work and constant effort made him gain a lot of worth and become the wealthiest actor in Hollywood today. As of now January 2022, it can be summed up as Timothée Chalamet’s net worth of $10 million.

Estimated Salary: $395,500

After becoming Timothée Chalamet, the successful actor in Hollywood, it can estimate his current net worth of $1,498,000

is based mainly on the expected salary and income of $395,500 Timothée is estimated to own made a Movie Actor.

Net Worth Record:

Yearly estimated Net worth

2021 $1,498,000 (USD)

2020 $1,400,000 (USD)

Salary, Income & Earnings Record:

Yearly estimated salary

2020 $395,500 (USD)

2019 $350,000 (USD)

Lifestyle And Assets

As noted earlier, Timothée Chalamet’s worth is $10 million. The actor has collected such a massive wealth after completing various series and movies, whereas he has performed in and endorsements.

The young moneyed actor Timothée lives in an apartment in New York. Credit goes to his multi-million dollars of worth, so the stunning and skillful actor usually can maintain a lavish and comfortable lifestyle. Hence, he lives a peaceful and happy life with his family.


In Hollywood Industry, Timothée Chalamet is a good-looking and well worth actor. Further, we will reach you soon with updates if you get any information. 

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