All You Need To Know About Todd Chrisley’s First Wife Teresa Terry

Todd Chrisley is popularly known as Dad in a show on USA Network. You will be totally surprised to know how he became this famous.

Who's Todd Chrisley’s First Wife Teresa Terry? Let's see and know about her.
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Todd is a successful business magnate. But he came to the limelight in 2012 by following a tax evasion case. Many of you wanted to know about Todd’s first wife and marital life.

This article will make you know about every detail. Go and have a look.

Who is Todd Chrisley’s first wife?

The happy-couple thing you see in the media doesn’t resemble everything about Todd Chrisley’s private life. He got married once before this one.

Todd was married to Teresa Terry. According to the Daily Mail, Terry accused Todd of both physical and mental abuse throughout their marital relationship. Eventually, they got divorced.

Who is Teresa Terry? Is she married to Todd Chrisley?

Teresa Terry is the first wife of Todd Chrisley. This lady was born in 1971, and now in 2022, she is almost 51 years old.

Teresa was brought up in South Carolina, USA. Ultimately she got married to her high school love Todd at the age of 19.

She was pregnant then.

But their marriage didn’t work out so well. Teresa claimed that Todd abused her physically and mentally throughout the seven years of their marriage!

Is Teresa Terry married now? What is her relationship status?

After the divorce from Todd, Teresa was remarried, and now she lives in Oklahoma. Any detail about her kids from her second marriage is not clear to us as Teresa leads a private life.

But she has two kids with Todd named Lindsie and Kyle.

Why did Todd Chrisley and Teresa get divorced?

Though this couple started their journey out of love, they almost did not even like each other. In an exclusive interview in 2014 with the Daily Mail, Teresa shared her thoughts on Chrisley filing for bankruptcy. She added that Chrisley had changed a lot since their first meet. 

She said that they wouldn’t be married if she wasn’t pregnant. She even complained that Todd was too picky and stated, “…but with him, your hair always had to be fixed, and you had to be dressed to the tens. I grew tired of being constantly corrected, and I would run my mouth. Sometimes I think he doesn’t realize the way he is. He used to be so controlling and vindictive…..”

Terry confirmed that she wouldn’t be back at all to Todd. But she said that she doesn’t regret marrying Todd as they have the best kids together.

She stated, ”… but I don’t regret marrying Todd because I sure don’t regret my children”. Both Todd and Terry seem to be happy in their new marital life.

Todd partly brought up their kids.

We don’t hear them complain that much about Todd’s behaviour, though! Also, Terry hadn’t been heard to file any criminal allegation against Todd too!

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