5 Unknown Facts About Tom Hardy's Teeth

Not only the Hollywood insiders know that the actor, Tom Hardy, is regarded as one of the best actors of his time.

He is also known as one of the actors who does not follow the rules of Hollywood. Since he made a debut onscreen in 2001, the star has collaborated with the best filmmakers in the world.

Tom Hardy's teeth show with his beautiful smile.
Tom Hardy by Toe Stubber licensed under CC BY 2.0

The actor is also behind the creation and production of the series titled Taboo. He also starred in that film, for which he was nominated an Oscar.

But one thing that most people may not know about is the unique smile of the actor. Have you seen the smile of the actor? Whether you have or haven’t, this post is right for you.

Today, we will talk about 5 unknown facts about Tom Hardy’s teeth. We know that you are interested already, so let us start immediately.

5 Unknown Facts About His Teeth

The Hollywood actor has crooked teeth, but it does not stop the actor from flashing his spectacular smile.

Others claim that his teeth are distracting and ugly, while others say that he is not any less gorgeous with teeth like that—more on this below.

#1. Tom Hardy has his teeth fixed

Since his days in Star Trek, it has been rumored that the actor had his teeth fixed. Perhaps, he also had them whitened a bit. But despite that, his teeth are still crooked.

His fans prefer that the actor get his teeth fixed more but others like it the way it is. Some say that they are perfectly imperfect. You can judge them for yourself.

Tom Hardy has his teeth fixed details.
Tom Hardy by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

#2. His teeth have biting edges

Again, some would say that the actor’s smile is not ideal enough. That is because the biting or incisal edges of his teeth from the left front portion are a few millimeters higher than his incisal edges from the right portion.

It means that his canine and lateral incisor are unequal in length. The condition of his teeth is probably congenital.

#3. Severe crowding

The lower front portion of his teeth is considered to have severe crowding. Not only that, but there are also severe stains on the front of the actor’s teeth.

#4. He cannot get better roles due to his teeth

The most common reason why people want the actor to have his teeth fixed is that they believe that it is the reason why he cannot land better roles.

Tom cannot get better roles due to his teeth.
Tom Hardy
By GabboT licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

With better teeth, the Hollywood actor can look better. Therefore, more roles will be offered to him.

#5. He is aware that people find his teeth distracting

The actor knows that some prefer him with better teeth than he has, but he is unbothered. He is, in fact, confidently showing it when he smiles. For his real fans, it does not make him less attractive and talented.

It’s A Wrap!

You are lucky to have read about 5 unknown facts about Tom Hardy’s teeth. Hopefully, if the actor decides to have his teeth fixed, it is what the Hollywood actor wants.

It shouldn’t be what other people, particularly his fans, the demand of him. Anyway, you may also want to read about this: Is Nicki Minaj’s Teeth Fake or Real? Here’s the Truth!

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