Is Tommy Wiseau Gay? What's His Sexual Orientation

We don’t know how, but Thomas P. Wiseau (Tommy Wiseau) always managed to keep his personal life private, which led to accusations of Tommy hiding his true identity.

For many reasons, Tommy Wiseau's sexuality has been questioned by many people. Let's know whether he is gay or not.
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People are puzzled by “The Room” actor’s personal life, even his sexual orientation. Leading some people to believe that Tommy Wiseau is gay.

Though Tommy never talks about his sexuality, he keeps it a secret as he always does. If we look at Wiseau’s earlier life, we might be faced with many unknown facts about Tommy’s personal life, including his sexual preference.

To get to where he is today, Wiseau had to overcome many challenges in America, such as money. But it was always clear to him that he wanted to work in the film industry. 

As a result, he used to work at restaurants, hospitals, and many other professions. Tommy never quit to fulfill his dream. He kept trying, but it was pretty difficult for him to be an actor with such an odd accent.

After many rejections,  he decides to make his own movie. Now we all know what happened next; he created one of the worst movies ever made in history, “The Room.”

In all of history, one name engaged with Wiseau is Greg Sestero, one of Tommy’s co-artists from the movie “The Room.”

Now, step by step, we will let you know why many people think; Tommy Wiseau is gay and the type of relationship between Tommy and Greg.

Why Do People Think Tommy Wiseau is Gay?

Even though Wiseau wasn’t able to succeed with his first film, he didn’t give up. His first film couldn’t fill up his pocket, but it gave Tommy a lot of negative popularity.

What's Tommy Wiseau sexual orientation? Is he gay or straight?
Tommy Wiseau” by Al Pavangkanan under licensed CC By 2.0

Cities started to treat him as nothing but a moron who lost his 6 million USD to make a movie like “The Room.”

Tommy made the film with the help of his friend and co-star Greg. In 2013 Greg Sestero wrote a book titled “The Disaster Artist.” The book was about Tommy Wiseau and his film “The Room.”

In the book, Greg mentioned certain things that indicate the possibility of Tommy being gay or bisexual.

As we all know, Greg is the only person who has known Tommy from the beginning of Tommy’s movie carrier.

Sestero shared two stories in his book; how Tommy looked differently at Greg once and the unusual relationship between Tommy and the older man.

You will know about these two stories in detail when reading the book. Now you can understand how the question of Tommy Wiseau being gay appears.

Though the answer is quite tricky, we don’t have any substantial evidence to say that Wiseau is gay after analyzing his background. But the possibility of him being Bisexual is much higher.

What’s The Relation Between Tommy Wiseau And Greg Sestero?

Tommy is a very private man, and he never mixed his personal and professional life. That’s why he has never openly talked about his family and his personal life. But in an interview with James Franco in 2016, Wiseau said Greg Sestero is his best friend.

If you watch the movie “The Disaster Artist,” you will understand the relationship between them. The film portrays their friendship well.

They support each other every time. And in 2017, with the movie “The Disaster Artist,” Tommy’s name spread throughout Hollywood. The film was nominated for several film festivals and won awards.


Tommy Wiseau is a mysterious name in Hollywood. He is very strict about maintaining his privacy. Therefore, nothing is clear about his sexual orientation.

Though Greg indicates something about Tommy not being straight, he hadn’t written anything in detail about those two incidents.

That’s why we can’t give you an answer only based on this analysis. Lastly, whether Tommy Wiseau is gay or not, he would remain one of the mystery characters in the American film industry.

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