Troy Aikman’s Age, Height, Kids, Girlfriend, Divorce, Parents

“Just keep in mind that nothing is ever as bad as it appears, and nothing is ever as good as it appears.” Troy Aikman can attest to the truth of this quote. This is due to a series of ups and downs in his professional and personal life.

Troy has to lead the Dallas Cowboys to many awards and the Super Bowl Championship as an American quarterback in the NFL.

Everything about Troy Aikman’s Age, Height, Kids, Girlfriend, Divorce, Parents.
Troy Aikman by Arnie Papp licensed under CC BY 2.0

He holds the record for the longest-tenured quarterback in NFL history. After retiring from professional sports, he worked as a sportscaster.

In this article, we will talk about Troy Aikman’s age, height, children, parents and so on. If you also admire him as your idol, keep on reading this article without any hesitation!

How old is Troy Aikman? Age, Height, Physical Appearance

Age, height, and physical appearance are all factors to consider. Aikman is currently 55 years old and born in Novomber21, 1966. He has the zodiac sign of Scorpio. With their mysterious appearance, people believe that a person born under the sign of Scorpio is calm and cool.

Troy resembles this character in some ways. The native American is of white ethnicity and follows the Lutheran religion.

California stands at 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs around 100 kilograms, and she has a stunning body.

Troy is still in good shape and looks good for his age.

Because of his years of training, he has an athletic physique and a well-trained body. He does, however, follow a strict workout routine and only eats healthy foods to this day.

Troy Aikman’s Girlfriend 

Troy’s love life appears to be uninteresting despite his success in his career. He has had a lot of rumours regarding his girlfriend. But now, he is successfully married to Catherine, a famous beauty influencer in the USA.

Tr?? ?nn?un??d his engagement with Catherene on June 2, 2017. On September 1, 2017. The lovely couple married with their dreamy plans to each other in Montecito, California, United States.

Troy Aikman’s divorce

He dated Lorrie Morgan, a country singer when he was a teenager. After a few years, the relationship didn’t work out as planned, and the couple divorced. However, Troy married Rhonda Worthey on April 8, 2020, later in the year.

They split up on April 12, 2011. Furthermore, Troy had a previous relationship with Lorrie Morgan. He is also forthright about his gender preferences. In addition, he is not involved in any controversial events.

Does Troy have any Children?

Troy’s first wife Rhonda Worthey used to work as a publicist for the Dallas Cowboys. Jordan Ashley Aikman and Alexa Marie Aikman, the couple’s two daughters, were born shortly after their wedding.

Who are Troy’s Parents?

His father is Kenneth Aikman, and his mother’s name is Charlyn Bailey Aikman. His parents have always been Troy’s inspiration since the starting of his career and he still owes them a lot.

Social media and Body Measurement

Troy Aikman is a well-built man with a charming demeanor. The former footballer is approximately 6 feet tall. He also weighs 99 kilograms.

While he has yet to provide more details about his overall body measurements. In addition, he has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Troy Aikman is active on social media as well. He goes by the handle @troyaikman on Instagram. There are 291k followers on the account. His Facebook page, Cowboys Legend Troy Aikman, has around 15 thousand followers. His Twitter account, @TroyAikman, has a following of around 1.5 million people.

Final Words

We know Troy as one of the most successful and talented football players, for sure. But nowadays, people are more interested in knowing his personal infrastructure too! That’s why we collected those and put them on your table.

If you need to know anything else, surely let us know.

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