Tyler Perry’s Girlfriend 2022| Including His Previous Dating History

Gelila Bekele was actor, producer, and director Tyler Perry’s longtime girlfriend. They’ve been married for over a decade and have a young son together.

Perry suggested the two had broken up on December 16 by describing himself as single and going through a midlife crisis; read more here.

Who's Tyler Perry’s girlfriend and dating partner?
Tyler Perry by John Mathew Smith licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Bekele is a model and filmmaker in the entertainment industry. Bekele is also an outspoken activist in her native Ethiopia.

According to her website, Bekele focuses a lot of her energy on equal rights and equal access to education for girls and women.

What you need to know about Gelila Bekele is as follows!

Gelila Bekele Began Modeling Professionally at an early Age

Unlike the majority of working models, Bekele did not begin her career as a young adolescent. She was discovered when she was about 19 years old and a freshman at the University of California, Berkeley. After graduating from high school, Bekele moved to the United States from Europe.

Bekele admitted to Cosmopolitan South Africa that she was initially hesitant about modelling. “I come from an educated family, so the idea of using my physical strength to make a living messed with my head a little,” she told the magazine.

Bekele Was Born In Ethiopia & Raised By Her Grandmother

Bekele was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital city. In a 2018 interview, she explained that she spent her childhood in a rural village “climbing trees, drinking goat milk straight from the goat” before her family moved to the city when she was four years old. When Bekele was eight years old, his family relocated to Europe.

Almaz, Bekele’s grandmother, raised her primarily, she claims. Bekele told TheCatWalk.com that her mother was only 16 years old when Bekele was born. Bekele remembers her grandmother as a strong woman who taught her the value of education and how it can change a person’s life.

Bekele Traveled Across Ethiopia to Create Her Photography Book, ‘Guzo’

Bekele has travelled extensively throughout Ethiopia as part of her work as an activist and humanitarian. She explained that her frequent trips inspired her to write a book on her website. In 2015, she released “Guzo,” which translates as “journey.”

The photographs depict the lives of people from six rural Ethiopian tribes: the Hamar, Tigray, Afar, Raya, Harrar, and Lasta Lalibela. “I created ‘Guzo’ for curious and like-minded people, for Ethiopians like myself who have been raised abroad, and for my own children – who I hope will one day have the opportunity to experience living the pure, harmonious, and profound existence of Ethiopians,” Bekele explained.

Tyler Perry and Longtime Girlfriend Gelila Bekele Split

“I’m 51 years old, single, and wondering what the next chapter in my life will look like,” the entertainment mogul revealed on Wednesday.

Tyler Perry has revealed that he spends the holidays as a single man.

“I’m 51, single, and wondering what the next chapter in my life will look like,” the entertainment mogul, who began dating model and activist Gelila Bekele after meeting her at a Prince concert in 2007, wrote on Instagram on Wednesday.

Perry and Bekele, 34, “amicably split some time ago and remain close friends,” a source tells.


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