Usher Wives Details| How many Times Was He Married?

One of the most famous figures in the entertainment industry is Usher Raymond IV, commonly known as Usher only. He is an American singer, producer, actor, and songwriter known internationally.

The public figure has won the Grammy Awards eight times due to his hip-hop songs immersed in various platinum albums.

Who are Usher's Wives? How many times was he married?
Usher by David Berkowitz licensed under CC BY 2.0

He is undoubtedly among the best-selling artists of the 2000s. But beyond his successful music career, there has been too much that has happened in his love life.

Well, a story like his is common among celebrities. Many of them have a list of women they date at some point in their lives.

Today, we will tell you about Usher wives details. Mainly, you will know how many times was he married. We know that you can’t wait to find out about this, so let us get started.

Who Are Usher Wives?

The marital life of the music artist and actor had been a rough one. He is divorced with two kids. But still, he is happy and contented with his life as a father despite being separated from the mothers of his two kids.

The singer won primary custody of both of them. Read below to find out more about his wives as we will introduce them to you.

Tameka Foster

The first time the artist walked down the aisle happened in 2007. He married Tameka Foster, who is a fashion stylist. Despite the 10-year age gap between them, it did hinder romance from developing between them, which eventually led to marriage.

When they got married, however, the divorce of Tameka from her ex-husband was just finalized.

After being together for more than two years, the two called it quits. The happy married unfortunately came to its end.

Grace Miguel

Shortly after Tameka and the singer’s marriage ended, he started seeing his manager at that time named, Grace Miguel. The two kept hanging out for a couple of years before finally deciding to exchange vows in 2015.

Their marriage seemed smooth and happy at first, but some cracks appeared not too long after that. Based on the sources, Grace wanted to have kids already, but the music artist was not ready to have any more kids. This has been the main reason which strained their relationship.

Eventually, the two chose to separate. In 2018, their divorce was finalized. Other than the issue of having kids, the famous singer had also faced a scandal.

He met the accusation of having an STD and spreading it to several women. This had also been a root cause of their divorce.

How Many Times Was He Married?

As you have read above, the recording artist has been married twice. From the two marriages, he had two kids. His first born in Usher Raymond V.

How Many Times Was Usher Married? Let's know about his wives.
Usher by Sandra Alphonse licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

He was born on November 26, 2007. The next child of the singer is Naviyd Ely, born on December 10, 2008. Both of his kids were from his first marriage – with Tameka Foster.

It’s A Wrap!

After we tell you about Usher wives details, you might as well be interested in his current relationship. You might wonder whether he is dating anyone at the moment. Read about that in the next post!

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