How Old and Tall is V From BTS? His Parents, Siblings, Education

At just 26 years old, Kim Taehyung (otherwise known as V from BTS) has become a global sensation capturing the hearts of millions of fans around the world.

His skills in singing, dancing, and acting are undeniably impressive, and his dozens of prestigious awards are there to prove it.

V's age, height, Parents, Siblings, and Educational details.
V by Dispatch licensed under CC BY 3.0

Moreover, he’s also a walking example of how incredibly good-looking people can also be extremely talented and not just good at face value. 

Indeed, breaking barriers is what V and the rest of the BTS boys do best. That is why we can’t help but admire him not only as an artist, but as a human being as well.

And to truly understand what V is like behind the cameras, we’re going to dive deeper into his personal life and gather details that might just give us the answers as to what makes V the person that he is. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

What is BTS V’s Age?

As mentioned earlier, V is currently 26 years of age. He was born on December 30, 1995 in Seo District, Daegu, South Korea. In the band, V is the second youngest member sharing an age gap of only two years with Jungkook.

V belongs to the maknae

line of BTS – a term usually used to describe the younger members of a KPOP band. Aside from V, other members of the maknae line include:

They are, of course, by no means young boys. In fact, they’ve grown up to become such fine and personable gentlemen. Still, many fans treat V and others as the “babies” of the group and often swoon at their adorableness!

What is BTS V’s Height?

Despite being the second youngest member of the group, V is actually one of the tallest members in BTS. In fact, he’s just as tall as the oldest member, Jin. According to sources, V stands at about 1.79m or 5’10’’ in height.

But while others have long stopped growing since their puberty stopped, V’s measurements show that he’s still gaining height. He might surpass RM if he continues to grow!

What is BTS V’s Height? how tall is he?
V By KOREA Dispatch licensed under CC BY 3.0

V’s unusual growth spurt may be a dream come true for him, after all. During an interview, V shared a wish that he hoped his future self would be able to achieve:

I hope seven years from now, you may still be able to grow a little bit.”

Who are BTS V’s Parents and Siblings?

A lot of KPOP idols refuse to talk about their family in great detail for the sake of protecting their identities and the insanity that often follows anyone who is affiliated to popular stars.

Still, that does not stop V from expressing his gratitude towards his parents and speak about them in such a loving and caring manner. V even ascertained that if it were not for his parents – especially his father – he would not be the man he is today. 

According to V, he was influenced by his father’s music taste which then allowed him to develop his passion for singing. They were also very supportive of V when he decided to embark on the journey of becoming a KPOP idol.

Despite the short notice, they allowed their son to audition for BigHit Entertainment which ultimately paved the way for him to become a member of the world’s biggest boyband. Unfortunately, the names of his parents remain confidential. 

Meanwhile, V is the oldest sibling in the family and has a younger brother and sister. They are:

  • Kim Eon Jin
  • Kim Jeong Gyu

Did V Go to School?

While most celebrities won’t even think about going to school after achieving success in their careers, V doesn’t let his hectic schedule get in the way of his education.

Did V Go to School? what's his educational background?
V by Taehyun’s Moment licensed under CC BY 4.0

In fact, he’s even pursuing a post-graduate degree at the moment! Just take a look at the educational background of V and you’ll be amazed at how diligent he is:

  • Finished elementary education at Changnam Elementary School
  • Finished middle school at Geochang Middle School
  • Graduated high school in Korean Arts High School
  • Obtained his degree in Broadcasting and Entertainment at the Global Cyber University
  • Took Master of Business Administration in Advertising and Media at Hanyang Cyber University

He is expected to graduate with his post-graduate degree this 2023. 

If you were in V’s position, would you still continue your studies knowing that you’re already very successful in your career? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below!

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