Wentworth Miller Boyfriend 2022| Is he Still Dating Luke Macfarlane?

It reportedly surveyed American actor, and screenwriter Wentworth Miller and the Canadian actor Luke Macfarlane both were in a relationship. Fan and followers are keen to comprehend and want to know all about Wentworth Miller’s boyfriend.

Does Wentworth Miller have any Boyfriend or he is single?
Wentworth Miller by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

So, reveal all you ought to know regarding their probable relationship as we analyze with the Canadian Gay actor Luke Macfarlane and both of them were romantically connected. Here we will discuss Wentworth Miller’s boyfriend and dating life.

Who is Wentworth Miller’s boyfriend?

According to the source, After coming out as gay, the American actor Miller reportedly connected with Luke Macfarlane.

Hence, Wentworth Miller privately dates Luke MacFarlane, who’s best recognized for performing as Scotty Wandell on ABC’s Brothers and Sisters. 

It linked Miller to the actor Kristoffer Cusick and from Hollywood as a photographer Mark Liddel.

Yet both the actor has evaluated no rumors about their love life relationship, but earlier, they were concerned that their sexual orientation would influence their careers.

In 2008, Macfarlane stated in an interview that he didn’t know what would take place professionally. Only That is the nervousness, but he supposes he can’t be bothered about what will happen in the future because it’s the truth of his natural life.

Thus, Wentworth also has been picking up the end of enduring fan concentration from his appearance in Prison Break, so fans are most probably interested to know the dating history of Miller. 

Dating History

The American actor Miller has kept it private but made his dating history open to speculation with relationships. It would automatically connect him with that person whenever he was with someone.

Luke Mcfarlane and Wentworth Miller Relationship:

Earlier in 2007, the British actor Wentworth Miller was open with Luke Macfarlane. So, The Canadian actor was more spotlighted, and the breaking news of celebrity life for being a relationship with Miller. 

Initially, the couple dated privately for roughly six months before breaking out jointly in public. On 15th April 2008, During an interview with The Globe and Mail, Luke revealed him being gay. Therefore, their relationship did not last long, and it ended in the ensuing year, in 2008.

Wentworth Miller’s With Luke Mcfarlane (Rumored Relationship)

The Prison Break star has never revealed much more about his personal life. However, since 2007 he has publicly been in a relationship with Canadian actor Thomas Luke Macfarlane.

MacFarlane is famous for playing Scotty Wandell on ABC’s “Brothers and Sisters.” MacFarlane has appeared in different kinds of movies with distinct characters.

In 2008, he disclosed his relationship with the American actor, followed by Miller’s disclosure in 2013. Although Wentworth Miller has been in a relationship with different celebrities, his connection with MacFarlane has been the most noteworthy.

According to a source who was nearest to the couple expressed before going public

with their relationship, they had been privately dating for roughly six months when MacFarlane made the disclosure; he was nervous about its influence on his career.

However, it was rumored that Wentworth Miller was linked to actor Kristoffer Cusick and the photographer Mark Liddell. Recently, The actor was trending while the memes about his weight growth began to go viral.

Later on, the Prison Star expressed his battles with mental health and unhappiness. In addition, those weight progress photos were carried an occasional year ago when he stood at his lowest.

Wentworth Miller Current Relationship Status(2022)

As of 2022, Wentworth Miller is single and not dating anyone. Wentworth will be turning 50 years old.

According to Source of Celebs couples, The Prison Break Star previously was joined in 5 relationships and yet not been engaged with any of them.


Therefore, in decline, it can state that Wentworth Miller is still Single, but in his earlier relation, he has appeared with his boyfriend. Furthermore, we will let you know if we update any information soon.

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