Wentworth Miller Net Worth 2022| How Rich is the Prison Break Star

A Wentworth Miller, Wentworth Earl Miller’s birth name, appeared in Hollywood Industry as an actor, model, and screenwriter in America. He rose to supremacy, pursuing his character as Michael Scofield in Prison Break’s five seasons.

Everything about Wentworth Miller Net Worth.
Wentworth Miller by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The Prison Break Star got a Golden Globe Award nomination for the most satisfactory actor in a prominent role. Wentworth Miller has an estimated Net Worth of $5 Million.

Quick Fact

R??l N?m?W?ntw?rth ??rl ??ll?r ???
??l?br?t?d N?m?:W?ntw?rth ??ll?r
Date ?f ??rth2 ?un? 1972
?ge50 ???r? ?ld
??rth ?l???:?h????ng N?rt?n, Un?t?d ??ngd?m
Z?d??? ??gn:G?m?n?
???ght/??w ??ll:In F??t ?nd ?n?h??–6? 0??n ??nt?m?tr??–185 ?m
W??ght:?n ??l?gr?m?–77 ?g?n ??und?–170 lb?
???r ??l?r:?l??k
??? ??l?r:?lu?-h?z?l
??r?nt? N?m?:F?th?r–W?ntw?rth ??rl ??ll?r ??
Mother NameR???nn ??lm-??ll?
??bl?ng?:G?ll??n ??ll?r ?nd L??gh ??ll?r
??h??l:Qu?k?r V?ll?? ??gh ??h??l
??ll?g?:?r?n??t?n Un?v?r??t?
Z?d??? ??gn:G?m?n?
???u?l ?r??nt?t??n:G??
W?f? & KidsNO
?r?f?????n:??t?r ?nd ??r??nwr?t?r
??r?t?l ?t?tu?:??ngl?
N?t W?rth:$5 ??ll??n
L??t U?d?t?d:D???mb?r 2021

Wentworth Miller is an American actor in the United Kingdom who came to the limelight after raising ?? Michael Scofield in the Fox series Prison Break; for a reason, it nominated him for the Best Actor Award and became throughout the world icon has become a universal celebrity as for the successful project.

He appeared in a different leading role in several television shows, comprising The Flash, Dinotopia, Legends of Tomorrow, and Time of Your Life.

??rl? L?f?

On June 2, 1972, in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, Wentworth Miller was born in England. His father’s name was Wentworth Earl ??ll?r ??, and mother name was Roxann Palm-??ll?r.

After that, his family migrated to North America and persisted in life. Though his father is an Afro-American, Jamaican, German, and English, his mother is Russian, French, Syrian, Dutch, and Lebanese; likewise, his family is called a various-ethnic family.

In his student life, he was a dynamic member of the schools ?V club and school community ?? well. He completed his graduation from Quaker Valley High School in Pennsylvania.

Later in 1994, he earned his bachelor’s degree with ? significant in English Literature from Princeton University. His acting life recognition spans both attribute film and television in the present day.

N?t W?rth ?f W?ntw?rth ??ll?r ?n 2022

W?ntw?rth ??ll?r N?t W?rth

?? of 2022, W?ntw?rth ??ll?r’? net worth ?? $5 million. About $22 million he fund financially. Although, he keeps with worth $3.5 million for seven cars.

He confesses that the car trademark encloses Aston, G?, McLaren, and Martin, and in British Columbia, his home requires $2.7 million.

It ?? predicted that the expansion rate of his worth would be formed-paced, and within the next two years, it ?? potential to expand by roughly 26%.

The Prison Break Star ?? ? attractive actor, screenwriter, model, and producer; who has completed his laborious way to turn his fantasy into ? truth facts.

The actor ??, in fact, ? particularly intimate character who refers remaining home while he is not at work. ?? has the outlook that music, theatre, and painting can contribute to creating an actor, making him spend time at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Wentworth Miller’s Lifestyle And Career

The gay actor Wentworth Miller is running a low-key, intimate life. The thriving actor undoubtedly lives in a noble house. According to the report, he holds an occasional expensive car.

Indeed, existing as a public figure, Miller chooses privacy in his private life. However, the actor is not shared on social media, excluding Facebook. He regularly broadcasts social issues such as unhappiness via his official Facebook account.       

Apart from his low-key private life, he is enticed to his acting career to complete it even sufficiently. As of 2022, the actor exists dating the public and is happily single.

In 1995 Miller migrated to Los ?ng?l?? to start his acting career. At first, he appeared in G?g? ??tr?nz?, and his first celebrity character was in the ??? mini-sequences Dinotopia in 2002, where he performed the sharp, bashful David Scott.

After ? occasional small television impressions, he went on to ??-star contrary Anthony ???k?n? in the 2003 movie ? younger rendition of ???k?n? character. His breakthrough career started in 2005 ?? Michael Scofield in the Fox Network suspense Prison Break. 

Wentworth Miller Facebook| Instagram| Twitter | IMDB 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wentworthmilleractorwriter/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wentworthmilleractorwriter/?hl=en

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wentworthmiller

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0589505

Wentworth Miller Net Worth & Salary

Wentworth Miller Net Worth is $5million.

And his salary is Per year: $5,00,000

Per Month: $40,000

Per Week: $8,000

Final Verdict


Wentworth Miller Net Worth is $5 million, and his primary earning source is his acting career. Further, we could collect any information of him soon we will update your information.

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