What is Johnny Depp's Personality Type? What does INFP Mean?

Johnny Depp has been impressing us with his marvelous acting skills throughout the years. We know Johnny Depp as an actor and musician, but do we know his real-life personality?

What is Johnny Depp's Personality Type? Let's know the details.
Johnny Depp by Harald Krichel licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

The crazy thing is that we start to see them as the character they play in a movie role. So, what is Johnny Depp’s personality type? If you want to learn about the Pirates of the Caribbean actor’s actual personality, then keep on reading below. 

What personality does Johnny Depp have?

This versatile actor has continuously proven his skills and charm through the numerous characters he plays in movies. The Myers Briggs Personality Test concludes that the 59-year-old actor has an INFP personality.

He is not the first or last actor whose personality was determined by this personality testing app. Many celebrities and superstars like him have had their personalities tested too.

Incredibly, the actor’s personality test indicates that we have seen his natural personality in so many of his characters on screen.

What does INFP mean here?

‘INFP’ is an acronym for four individual letters. These letters are different, semi-similar, or similar in every person’s case. Of course, everyone has different personalities.

So, Depp’s INFP results claim that he is Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving. Being introverted means that he likes to spend time alone rather than socializing with other people.

Therefore, we can say that ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’ is less sociable. Intuitive means Depp likes to use ideas and concepts to understand something rather than sticking to facts and details.

Feeling describes that the actor likes to make decisions based on his feelings and intuition rather than materialistic evidence. Lastly, we can say that Depp perceives, which means he does not plan. Instead, he is spontaneous and believes in adjustments and the timing of the situation. 

Some other traits of INFPs are empathy and caring towards others, being well-mannered, free-spirited, and free-minded.

They have their own sets of beliefs but are also free to listen to others’ opinions and suggestions. Moreover, they are dreamers and can have extensive imaginations and love to live in their own world!

Final thoughts

So, have you learned the actual personality of your favorite superstar now? If you are one of his closest followers, you will notice some of his traits in his interviews.

Nonetheless, we must admit that Johnny Depp has a versatile personality that makes him more compatible with his movie roles. Have you found a match with any of his movie roles? If so, then let us know.

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