Where Did Al Pacino Study? His College And Educational Background

Although we know Al Pacino as the legend of today - owning millions of dollars, he never had it easy. In order to attain success, the actor had to cross so many obstacles first. One of the most complex decisions he ever made was regarding his education.

Where Did Al Pacino Study? Is he graduate?
Al Pacino By GabboT Licensed Under CC BY-SA 2.0

Perhaps, we can get inspiration from the success story of the actor. A considerable part of it was his college and educational background. By now, you may be curious: where did Al Pacino study?

Read below and find out how he emerged triumphant despite all the storms in life.

Where Did Al Pacino Went For High School?

Before his acting career, the actor attended high school in Herman Ridder. However, he needed to drop his classes. The only course he did not drop was his English classes. After he chose to give up high school, he went to the School of Performing Arts.

He was able to get admitted to that institution after through auditioning. When he decided to go to that particular school, the young Pacino had to leave home despite his mother’s disapproval.

She was disappointed and even upset that her son was not doing well at school and chose acting and theatre over his education.

Where Did Al Pacino Went For High School?
Al Pacino By Georges Biard Licensed Under CC BY-SA 3.0

To finance his education, the boy needed to work several jobs. The low-paying jobs that he took on included being a mail clerk, janitor, bus boy, and messenger. He also had worked in the mailroom of the Commentary magazine.

How Is Al Pacino As A Student?

When he was a teenager, the now legendary star used to be notarized at school as one of the troublemakers. He was occasionally involved in fights. The actor also started to have vices like drinking and smoking early.

On the contrary, the actor was also an actor in school. He even joined the HB studio after he acted for the basement plays. Through this, he met Charles Laughton, who eventually became a significant part of his life. Charles became his teacher in acting.

How Is Al Pacino As A Student? Did he complete his education?
Al Pacino By GabboT Licensed Under CC BY-SA 2.0

From the start, the actor did not like the idea of school. His teachers often mention that it results from having no father figure at home. The actor was not one of the most brilliant students. He even scored low on most subjects. English was the only exception.

Al Pacino College

As you have noticed above, we have never mentioned the actor attending college because he never went to college.

He dropped out of school at the age of 17 after he failed almost all of his subjects. The actor realized that he was not inclined toward academics.

When he chose to drop out, the actor pursued his passion for acting. But before that, the actor dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player.

It’s A Wrap!

This post about where did Al Pacino study is an eye opener to everyone that there is not one route to success.

Although the actor did not finish his education, he could succeed in pursuing his passion. Hear more about: Timothee Chalamet Educational Background! Where Did He Study?

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