Which EXO Members Are in the Military?

Every South Korean man is bound to serve their country, and joining military service is a must for anyone who is physically capable.

That includes Kpop singers. There are nine members in the group, but you must want to know which EXO members are in the military.

Let's see Which EXO Members Are in the Military.
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4 EXO members, Xiumin, Suho, Chen, and D.O, have already served in the military. Chanyeol and Baekhyun are still serving, and Chanyeol will soon get discharged on September 28, 2022. Kai and Sehun are yet to join the army, and Lay will not work for the Korean military as he belongs to China. 

But there are more interesting facts regarding the EXO members’ military service, so keep reading the article from the beginning to the end to learn further. 

These EXO Members Are in the Military

There is a fixed age where South Korean men can skip military service. Depending on the age, these EXO members were and are in the military. 

Xiumin from EXO Military Status (Discharged) 

Since Xiumin is the oldest in EXO, he enlisted in the military first and was discharged first. His enlistment date is 7th May 2019, and his discharge date is 6th December 2020. 

Suho from EXO Military Status (Discharged)

His fans missed Suho till he was in the military. He is EXO’s leader, so he couldn’t help but miss his followers and the group members.

What is Suho from EXO Military Status (Discharged)?
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Suho and Xiumin’s enlistment dates are the same, meaning he was enlisted on 7th May 2019. But he was not discharged as quickly as Xiumin. The singer was released on 13th February 2022. 

Lay from EXO Military Status (Not Serving)

Lay doesn’t have to serve in the Korean military as he is Chinese by birth. 

Baekhyun from EXO Military Status (Serving) 

Baekhyun enlisted on the 6th of May 2021, on his birthday. Being a patient with hypothyroidism, he is not working as an active-duty soldier but as a public service worker. He will be discharged on 5th February 2023. 

Chen from EXO Military Status (Discharged) 

Chen served in the Korean military for over 1.5 years. He worked as an active-duty soldier from 26th October 2020 to 25th April 2022. His fans missed him a lot during his days in the military. 

Chanyeol from EXO Military Status (Serving) 

Chanyeol enlisted for military service on 29th March 2021 and is still serving. He will get discharged on 28th September 2022. He has been working as an active-duty soldier. 

D.O from EXO Military Status (Discharged) 

When D.O enlisted for the military, it shook his supporters as he still had a lot of time left to enroll, but the singer enlisted earlier. He served as kitchen police and active-duty soldier at the Capital Mechanized Infantry Division. 

He completed the entire military swiftly. The “Love Shot” singer’s enlistment date was on 1st July 2019, and he was discharged on 25th January 2021. 

Kai from EXO Military Status (Yet To Enlist) 

Kai hasn’t enlisted in the military yet because he still has a pretty long time left. After celebrating his 29th birthday in 2023, he will enroll in military service.

A close look at Kai from EXO Military Status (Yet To Enlist).  
Kai by Great Treasure licensed under CC BY 4.0

His enlistment date hasn’t been disclosed, but the news says it will be on any day in January. His discharge date is yet to be revealed. 

Sehun from EXO Military Status (To Enlist) 

Sehun is the youngest of all EXO members; hence, he has quite a long time left to enlist in the South Korean military. Sehun’s enlistment date is also a secret. But the reports say he will enroll in April 2023. The discharge day is also kept private. 

Final Words 

South Korean men are bound to serve their country, whoever has the ability. That even counts EXO members. 4 out of 9 members (Xiumin, Suho, Chen, D.O) have done a great job, 2 out of 9 (Chanyeol and Baekhyun) are doing outstanding, and the other 2 (Kai and Sehun) are yet to start their military journey. Lay will not be taking part in military service as he is Chinese.

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