Who’s BTS Jimin’s Girlfriend in 2022? Is He Dating Anyone?

In the KPOP industry, there is an unwritten rule that idols are not allowed to date. But as a member of the biggest KPOP boyband in today’s time, Jimin is prone to have people questioning his love life.

Who’s BTS Jimin’s Girlfriend and dating partner?
Jimin by Mischief Managed BTS Licensed under CC BY 4.0

Some fans believe that, just like other BTS members, Jimin is secretly dating someone. However, some are convinced that he’s actually in a relationship with a very popular Korean idol. 

So, does Jimin really have a girlfriend this 2022? Or is he still enjoying his single life? Let’s find out.

Has Jimin Ever Dated Someone Before?

It’s no secret that BTS members tend to keep their dating lives a secret to protect their girlfriends from unnecessary hate and backlash orchastrated by obsessed fans.

In fact, they rarely let the public know if they are seeing anyone. However, there was one instance when Jimin bravely revealed to the public that he was, indeed, in a relationship with someone. 

In 2015, during a BTS bangtan bomb video, Jimin was shown having a phone call with her girlfriend. He even bragged about how pretty she was to his co-members and shared everything that happened that day to her.

Further down the video, however, Jimin jokingly revealed that his girlfriend was the BTS Army. 

Has Jimin Ever Dated Someone Before?
Jimin by Mischief Managed BTS licensed under CC BY 4.0

Hence, it remains unknown whether or not Jimin has actually had a relationship before. But given his ridiculously good-looking face, we think that he’s got a long list of ex-lovers!

Is Jimin Single or in a Relationship?

As it stands, it seems very likely that Jimin is single. He seems to be preoccupied with his career especially after BTS announced their hiatus. It’s a good opportunity for him to spread his wings and develop his talents as a solo artist.

Still, that does not stop people from linking him to other ladies. Here’s a list of all the women Jimin has been rumored to have dated:

  • KARA’s Han Seung-Hyun – Jimin was linked to Han Seung-Hyun after she admitted in an interview that the BTS star ‘caught her eye’ when they first met. She said: “When we were promoting ‘Mamma Mia,’ our promotion periods overlapped. He has caught my eye ever since. It was nice when our [promotion periods] overlapped by one week this time around too.” 
  • Kwon Eunbi – On November 26th, 2021, Jimin shared a picture of the sun setting on the beach taken somewhere at Los Angeles. Three days later, Kwon Eunbi also posted a similar photo. Some fans were quick to point out the similarities between the idols’ photos, suggesting that they might have been hanging out.
  • Yein – Yein also got tangled up in the ‘beach photo controversy’ after she posted another sunset-at-the-beach photo at SNS. Because of this, fans speculated that Jimin, Eunbi, and Yein might be in a polyamorous relationship.

Who is Min Yoon Gi? Is She Jimin’s Girlfriend?

BTS fans went wild after Jimin posted a picture of him taking a selfie with a very beautiful woman named Min Yoon Gi. However, it isn’t because of jealousy, but rather out of humor because the girl in the picture is actually another BTS member dressed up as a girl!

Min Yoon Gi is the real name of BTS Suga. In the picture, Suga is wearing a wig and a girl’s school uniform which, as fans would later find out, is actually a part of the group’s V Live series called Run BTS.

In that episode, Suga was playing the role of the school girl in the classroom. That is why he was dressed up as a girl.

So, no. Min Yoon Gi and Jimin are not in a relationship. It was all just a joke for the amusement of their beloved BTS Army!

Now, we’d like to ask you: do you know what it takes for a woman to become Jimin’s ideal girlfriend? Let us know in the comments below!

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