Who Is Liam Payne's Son Bear's Biological Mother? Truth Revealed

The son of the famous singer, Bear Grey, is among the celebrity children who are kept private. His mother has kept the pregnancy secret, and Liam Payne did the same. Even after being born, his parents kept him out of the limelight. 

Only a few snapshots of his little hands were posted on Instagram. But still, fans were smitten by his cuteness. More and more people were interested in Liam Payne’s son. 

Who Is Liam Payne's Son Bear's Biological Mother? Liam Payne's Son Mom.
Liam Payne by vagueonthehow licensed under CC BY 2.0

Among the many questions mostly asked about him goes: who is Liam Payne’s son Bear’s biological mother. We will answer the particular question today. Keep reading, and we will reveal the truth behind Bear’s mother. 

Liam Payne Son’s Biological Mother

The mother of the singer’s son is Cheryl Tweedy. She gave birth to him on March 22, 2017. Currently, Bear Payne is already five years old.

After his birth, both the singer and Cheryl posted on Instagram, a photo of the new member of their family. They posted the picture even before throwing a party to meet the baby. 

In a post, Cheryl revealed how she and Liam became parents to a healthy and cute baby boy. It looks like a dream for her.

Cheryl Tweedy is the Biological Mother of Liam Payne Son's.
Cheryl Tweedy by Georges Biard licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Their baby has already stolen many hearts during that time, even though he has no name yet. The two are overwhelmed and happy with their little one, with whom they are madly in love. 

Although the two are not together anymore, they are co-parenting their son and their parenting, including keeping his photos out of social media to ensure that he will have an everyday life. But they are giving updates about him in different interviews. 

 What Does Bear Payne’s Name Mean?

The full name of the One Direction member’s son is Bear Grey Payne. But his father has a nickname for him. He is calling his baby Cub. The ex-couple named their baby Bear because it is a name that people will not easily forget.

It was Cheryl who picked that name, and the singer revealed in an interview that he was not sure about it at first. But when he sees his son, he is indeed Bear. He finds it mad as well.

What Is The Status Of Bear’s Parents?

Bear’s parents were together for more than two and half years, but they separated in 2018. The two are co-parenting their son after their split. But they are recently seen together celebrating a birthday party of a family member without their son in the hometown of Wolverhampton.  

The exes were very well together at that event, based on the reports. People knew that the two remained friends after their split as they were co-parenting their son.

But people were claiming that the two are back together after the broke up of the singer with his latest relationship with Maya Henry.

This speculation sparked, even more, when the photograph of the two left in the same car surfaced on the internet. Perhaps, the singer has decided to focus on his family life with his child, Bear, and mother.

It’s A Wrap!

Now, you have read the truth regarding who is Liam Payne’s son’s biological mother. We promise to update you as soon as we find out more about the celebrity family. 

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