Who is Married in BTS? Is Any Member Married in BTS Band?

With millions of girls dreaming to be part of the BTS boys’ lives, many have expected that at least one of them has already met the perfect girl.

Who is married in BTS? Is any member married in BTS band?
BTS by AJEONG_JM licensed under CC BY 4.0

Besides, who wouldn’t want to jump into the arms of Jungkook, V, Jimin, RM, Jin, JHope, or Suga? They’ve effortlessly gained the unwavering commitment and loyalty of their massive Army fanbase just by their voice, moves, and looks – what’s stopping them from tying the knots with just one girl?

In this article, let us get to know whether or not any member of the BTS group is already married. 

Is BTS Allowed to Have Relationships?

Unlike mainstream artists who can date whoever and whenever they want, KPOP artists usually are ordered to follow strict rules regarding their ability to have romantic relationships with their special someone.

In most cases, they’re not allowed to date publicly, but there are also some instances where KPOP idols are outright prohibited from dating anyone at all. 

In the case of BTS, it seems that they’re contractually obligated to keep their dating profiles lowkey. This is because in the span of their career, not a single member has gone public about their love life. It’s either that, or they somehow stayed single since their debut. 

Controlling a person’s romantic life sounds outrageous, we know. But according to

CNN, there’s a reason behind it:

Scandals involving drinking, drugs, or even dating not only make waves in the entertainment news section but also the finance news section because many of the biggest Korean music management companies are also publicly traded stocks on the Korean stock exchange. Sensational headlines can take a serious hit on the bottom line.”

Is BTS Allowed to Have Relationships?
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And yes, it has actually happened several times before when an innocent fling severely impacted the career of KPOP artists.

Which BTS Member is Already Married?

Given how there’s not much information available about their dating life, it’s almost impossible to know whether or not one of them is already married.

However, we do think that none of them have exchanged vows with anyone just yet. They’ve been super busy with their careers; hence, there’s barely enough time for them to plan their most special day.

Which BTS Member is Already Married?
BTS By I DARE U JK licensed under CC BY 3.0

Besides, something as serious as that would be harder to keep a secret especially from a fanbase as committed as Army.

BTS Dating Rumors: They Might Have Secret Girlfriends

As it stands, it remains unclear whether or not BTS is not allowed to date as mandated in their contract.

But if they’re not, then that means that there’s a big possibility that they’re already dating very lucky girls behind-the-scenes. Here’s a brief summary of all the dating rumors BTS has faced:

  • Kim Taehyung, also known as V, was spotted with the daughter of Choi Yoon Jung, the chairman of the Paradise Group, attending the VIP preview event for the Korean International Art Fair 2021. 
  • BTS’ leader, RM, was accused of having a secret relationship with a non-celebrity girlfriend. Although both were never seen in the same picture together, fans were quick to point out similarities of the objects, places, and people in their IG stories.
  • Jimin and Lovelyz member Yein were speculated to be secretly dating. It was also reported that Jimin sat in the business class, instead of the first class, during his trip to LA so he could sit with Yein. 
  • The youngest BTS member, Jungkook, was rumored to be dating actress Lee Yoo Bi. Evidence provided by eagle-eyed fans included photos of them wearing matching bracelets and black Marvins.
  • V and Blackpink member, Jennie, made headlines when he accidentally followed her on Instagram. She was the only non-BTS member in V’s following list before he eventually unfollowed her.

So, there you have it! Which BTS member do you think is already taken? Let us know in the comments below!

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