Who is More Popular, BTS or EXO, in 2022? 

BTS and EXO are two Kpop bands that have been in the limelight for years. The two groups are rivals, but now the question is who is more popular in 2022, BTS or EXO? Well, BTS kept winning over EXO for the past years. Surprisingly in 2022, EXO turned the table for BTS. 

Who is More Popular, BTS or EXO, in 2022? Let's see.
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EXO has not only become more popular than BTS in 2022 but also the wealthiest Kpop band through selling albums and records worth 1 billion USD and left BTS behind with 12150 million USD. 

So how did EXO get better than their most potent rival, BTS? Also, what do the Kpop fans think about the two bands? Let’s learn more about it. 

EXO Surpassed BTS in Being Rich, the Richest Kpop Band in 2022 

BTS fans may get shocked, but the all-time favorite BTS couldn’t win first place in being the wealthiest Kpop band in 2022. Their Rival EXO surpassed them by selling the most records and making it to 1 billion US dollars. 

BTS fell behind and became the second richest Kpop band with a net worth of 12150 million US dollars.

Is EXO band more popular than BTS?
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As EXO successfully sold more records than BTS this year, it clarifies that the band has become more popular than its rival for years Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS). 

According to Fans, EXO Has Become Better than BTS 

The two most important things to every music lover are its quality and presentation. According to Kpop fans, EXO has been doing better than BTS for a year. Their latest released songs are not only enriched with meaningful lyrics, but also their choreography adds energy and freshness to the songs’ meanings. 

Some fans say BTS uses auto-tune in their music a lot and even sometimes while performing live, which lessens the quality of music. But EXO almost doesn’t have to add auto-tune.

They rarely use it. A group of Kpop lovers claims EXO brings variety to their choreography while BTS seems to use the same kind of dance steps in every song. 

According to Fans, EXO Has Become Better than BTS.
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Watching BTS songs with similar dance steps has created doubts regarding their talent in followers’ minds. Also, a group of Kop listeners analyzed both EXO and BTS songs and found that BTS’s vocal line is less potent than EXO’s. 

However, they also believe BTS is better at rapping than EXO members, but the only issue is the band added raps in a few songs which don’t require rapping. With the overall analysis, it is clear that EXO is more popular than BTS in 2022

Final Words

Who is more popular: BTS or EXO in 2022? Actually, both the Kpop boy bands are excellent, but the rivalry will always remain between the two groups.

As of 2022, analyzing every essential fact, including album sales and fans’ opinions, EXO has become more famous than the second-best Korean band BTS. 

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