Who Is Stevie Nicks Ex-Husband Kim Anderson?

The legendary rockstar Stevie Nicks has, as Taylor Swift famously said, a long list of ex lovers. You’ve got Fleetwood Mac’s guitarist Lindsey Buckingham and drummer Mick Fleetwood, Eagles bandmates Joe Walsh and Don Henley, and even former California governor Jerry Brown.

Out of all of her relationships, her most famous one was with her high-school sweetheart Lindsey Buckingham.

Let's know about Stevie Nicks Ex-Husband Kim Anderson.
Stevie Nicks by Ueli Frey Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

But to the surprise of many, they never married. Instead, Stevie Nicks exchanged vows with a man the world has never heard of before: Kim Anderson.

Now, you may think that Anderson must have done something really special for Nicks to have been able to tie the knot with her.

After all, Stevie Nicks vowed to never have children nor marry as doing so would only disrupt her from her “true calling”. So, what made her marry someone like Anderson? And why did they divorce? The reason will surprise you.

But before we get into the details of their peculiar marriage, let’s first get to know Stevie Nicks’ one and only ex-husband, Kim Anderson.

Kim Anderson: Stevie Nicks’ Ex-Husband

As expected from a mystic-loving artist, Stevie Nicks’ married someone whose personal information remains hidden from the public.

Kim Anderson is a very private person, and the only time he ever got public recognition was the time he married a globally famous rockstar named Stevie Nicks. With that said, we do not know anything about his parents, siblings, education, profession, or even his birthday.

However, what is known is that Kim Anderson is American. He married Robin Snyder sometime in the late 70s and they’ve been together for 5 years before Robin passed away from cancer.

Kim Anderson who was Stevie Nicks’ Ex-Husband. Let's know about their relationship timeline.
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According to reports, Robin and Stevie are best friends. They’ve known each other ever since they were 14 years of age. And having spent most of their lives together as BFFs, Stevie Nicks was more than willing to do anything for Robin.

Stevie Nicks and Kim Anderson: How Everything Started

As you would have guessed already, Stevie and Kim met through Robin. A few years into Anderson’s marriage with Snyder, the couple discovered that Synder had developed leukemia. To make matters worse, she was also pregnant with their first child, Matthew.

Robin underwent treatments after treatments. And in 1982, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. However, their joy would soon be taken away from them as Robin passed away two days later. 

Both Stevie and Kim were devastated by the death of Robin. But with a newborn baby on the line, they could not take the time off to mourn. Disoriented by the flush of emotions brought by grief and concern, Stevie came up with an idea that shocked the entire world: 

The only thing I could think of to do was try to take the load off Kim by marrying [Kim Anderson] and helping raise their son.”

And after convincing Kim that marriage was the suitable solution for their distress, the pair wed three months after Robin passed away.

“It Was A Mistake”: Stevie Nicks On Her Marriage With BFF’s Widower

Their marriage made tabloids all over the world – but not for good reasons. People were extremely upset with Stevie’s decision to marry the widowed husband of her best friend.

Initially, Stevie paid no mind to the criticisms as she believed she was doing the right thing. But as time passed by, she quickly realized that she made a terrible, terrible mistake.

Everybody was furious. It was a completely ridiculous thing. And it was just because I had this crazy, insane thought that Robin would want me to take care of Matthew. But the fact is, Robin would not have wanted me to be married to a guy I didn’t love. And therefore accidentally break that guys’ heart, too.”

In another interview, she gave some insights as to what her marriage was truly like:

We didn’t get married because we were in love, we got married because we were grieving and it was the only way that we could feel like we were doing anything. That wasn’t really a marriage. We did it to take care of her son. And, three weeks later, we realized that that wasn’t going to work.”

After three months of living as husband and wife, Stevie and Kim filed for divorce. The singer did not open up about her marriage to Kim until a few years after, to which she strongly condemned her decisions at the time.

Now, 39 years later, Stevie remains happily single. She still keeps in touch with Matthew, Robin’s son, whom she sent to college. And only a few years ago, Matthew welcomed his own daughter, who she named after her late-mom, Robin. 

Well, at least things did not end bitterly between Stevie and Kim. We’re sure that’s what Robin would have wanted for her beloved husband and best friend.

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