Who is the Kindest and Funniest Member of BLACKPINK?

Every BLACKPINK member is adorable, but they still are unique in performing, behaving, styling, and more.

Among the four band members, Lisa has the most followers, and Rosé has the least followers on social media. 

Who is the Kindest and Funniest Member of BLACKPINK?
BLACKPINK by Marie Claire Korea licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Does it mean Lisa is the nicest among them? You need to read the entire article to discover the kindest and funniest BLACKPINK member

You would be surprised to know the answers. Depending on the speculations, we are about to reveal the band’s sweetest member and the singer with the best sense of humor. So, let’s dive in to know. 

According to Fans, Rosé is the Kindest Among the Four

Rosé is the leader of the band BLACKPINK. While being the head, she seems the nicest person in the group. She is very friendly and accepting when it’s to greeting fans. Rosé is often seen talking with her fans before she enters any show. 

She takes the gifts from followers, shows gratitude, and even says, ‘I love you too in return. Also, when her fans meet her outside the stage, the queen ensures they take a selfie with her. 

According to her followers, she always tries her best to communicate with her supporters no matter how hectic her day is. Other BLACKPINK members, Jisoo, Jennie, and Lisa, are also kind. 

Although they don’t specifically talk with their followers, they do accept the greetings by smiling at their fans and telling their bodyguards to send greetings from them to their supporters. So we believe all the band’s representatives are kind, but Rosé is the kindest

Fans Think Jisoo is Naturally Funny

Jisoo is one of the cutest singers in the Kpop industry. You may or may not believe most BLACKPINK fans think Jisoo is the funniest in BLACKPINK. We agree with what the majority has to say. You will actually smile, looking at Jisoo. 

She is indeed naturally funny. Because you will mostly find her giving awkward expressions that look funny on that cute face, she gets unready when asked something and her answers seem pretty silly. 

However, her unexpected funny expressions and talks of Jisoo intensify her cuteness. The truth is every team member is less or more humorous, but Jisoo is the best among them. 

Final Words

The BLACKPINK members are always under speculation by their supporters. A great number of followers take them as their idols. Some even try to achieve their personality.

Hence, the fans often look for answers to who is the kindest and funniest BLACKPINK member. Well, now you know them.

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