Who is The Meanest and Ugliest Member of BLACKPINK? 

BLACKPINK is one of the global favorite Korean bands. It includes four members. Four of the singers are adorable and are loved by their fans. Their followers are keen to know more about them, especially their characteristics. 

Who is The Meanest and Ugliest Member of BLACKPINK? Let's see the details.
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Hence we often encounter questions like who is the meanest and ugliest member of BLACKPINK? Well, the answer is lying ahead.

So, keep reading to determine whether your favorite BLACKPINK singer is the rudest and most unattractive. 

The Ugliest BLACKPINK Member in 2022

There was no voting system to determine who was the ugliest BLACKPINK member. However, Lisa, among the four, has the most Instagram followers. A total of 81.5 million fans. 

Jennie stands in the second position with 69.4 million followers. Jisoo has got the third position in Instagram followers, which counts 63.4 million, and Rose has the least number of followers, 62.3 million

Although having fewer supporters doesn’t mean a person is ugly. Every BLACKPINK member is pretty in their way. 

Also, the fans may have liked one and disliked one for other reasons like singing, performance, and such reasons. So, we think BLACKPINK doesn’t have an ugly member in them. 

Here’s The Meanest BLACKPINK Member According to Most People’s View 

As BLACKPINK fans are always speculating about every member’s behavior, most followers agreed on one fact Jennie is the meanest BLACKPINK member. Even some of her supporters think the same because she usually talks savagely. 

For example, once Jisoo and Jennie were making a video where Jisoo said, “Hi, I’m Jisoo,” and the singer of the ‘Solo’ song replied, “They know you’re Jisoo,” while making an annoyed face. 

Also, she gave savage answers in an interview where the host asked her where in New Zealand she used to live. The singer didn’t answer, rather asked him in return, “Do you know any city in New Zealand?” Everyone else laughed shockingly, hearing her respond. 

Lastly, Jennie is generally pretty cold when she is answering fans. Once a follower asked what her real name was. She replied saying, “My real name is Jennie. You should’ve known that if you’re a real BLINK.” 

However, not everyone thinks the same. Some believe that is her way of talking. Besides, Jennie or any other BLACKPINK members don’t speak harshly. So, we can say no one in the BLACKPINK is mean in nature. 

Final Words 

Most BLACKPINK lovers don’t look for differences in the band’s singers. Because they know each of them is beautiful and behave nicely.

Jennie may talk like a savage, but that is her personality. She, too, smiles and speaks nicely mostly. So, it’s pointless to find the ugliest or meanest BLACKPINK member.

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