Who Was Drew Carey's Fiancé? Why Drew Remains Unmarried?

The famous sitcom star was engaged to Amie Harwick. It has been the most eminent relationship between the author and model. However, the romance between the two was only a brief one.

They first met in 2017, and news about their engagement blew out just a couple months after their first encounter in Las Vegas.

Who Was Drew Carey's Fiance? What happened in their relationship?
Drew Carey by Erik Drost licensed under CC BY 2.0

However, the engagement was called off after a year. But their breakup was said to be amicable. Then, after more than a year, the therapist was killed.

We are sure that you are now curious about what happened to her. But before we get into that, let us know who was Drew Carey’s fiancé first. You will further know why drew remains unmarried even until now. Read below.

Who Was Drew Crey’s Fiancé?

Amie used to be a licensed therapist and model. Based on her website, she used to work as a model for Playboy. She is also a psychology degree holder from the California Polytechnic University.

Harwick also held an M.F.A clinical psychology major in family and marriage therapy which she completed at a university in Malibu called Pepperdine University.

The lady used to work with clients suffering from various conditions such as depression, anxiety, divorce, sex addiction, chronic pain, bipolar disorder, trauma, domestic violence, displaced adolescence, and sexual identity issues.

She also deals with court-mandated adults, juvenile sex offenders, and sexually exploited teenagers.

Who Was Drew Crey's Fiance? Is she Amie Harwick?
Amie Harwick By Toglenn licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

As mentioned earlier, she is also an author. In 2014, Aime wrote The New Sex Bible for Women. Aside from that, she appeared in a documentary in 2015 called Addicted to Sexting.

What Happened To Aime Harwick?

It was very unfortunate that the author and sex therapist died. This was after she was discovered by the police in her home in Hollywood Hills with grave injuries.

Based on the coroner’s office reports, her cause of death was a homicide. They further stated that the doctor had fallen from her balcony on the third floor.

Why Drew Remains Unmarried?

The fear of Amie Harwick’s death makes it difficult for the star. After all, the two seemed to have been completely smitten. But then again, it did not last. Perhaps, it was not destined to end and have a happy ever after.

When the host reflected on their split up, he admitted that Hollywood pressure has played a huge part. Their breakup was painful for him. It felt like he had died.

Why Drew Remains Unmarried? How her fiance died?
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Sixteen months later, Aimee reached out to him for them to have a conversation. But it never happened because now, she’s dead.

He stated that he feels like a widow because all he wanted was to marry her, but then they broke up. Then, she was killed even because they got to talk to each other again.  

It’s A Wrap!

You already know who was Drew Carey’s finance. When her death made headlines, the host announced the suspension of his production. He also posted a video featuring his ex-fiancé and himself on Twitter.

In his statement, the television star claimed that they were both lucky to find a love that is pure and rare. According to him, the model was full of positivity.

She is also unapologetic, tireless, and passionate. The therapist loves her work so much. You may want to read this: Andrew Schulz Girlfriend and Fiance 2022| Andrew Schulz dating Life?

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