Who’s the Most and Least Popular Member in BLACKPINK in 2022

BLACKPINK is a famous Korean band that was first introduced to the world in 2016. With the band’s debut, it instantly achieved a huge fan base. The surprising fact is that its members have earned more fame individually. 

Who’s the Most and Least Popular Member in BLACKPINK in 2022 according to the fans.
BLACKPINK by HOPEE Indonesia licensed under CC BY 3.0

So, a question always bothers its supporters, “who are the least and most popular members of BLACKPINK?” Although there have never been poles for finding the band’s more famous or less famous singers. 

Hence, we have done some analysis to learn about the BLACKPINK singer’s popularity. So let’s head toward the answers. 

Although Rosé is considered the kindest BLACKPINK member, she fell behind Jisoo, Jennie, and Lisa in regarding having social media followers.

While Lisa owns the most Instagram followers, a total of 81.6 million, Jisoo has 63.6 million, Jennie has an accumulated 69.5 million supporters, and Rosé has the least amount of Instagram followers, 62.4 million. 

Rose is the least popular member of BLACKPINK.
Rose By PUBG MOBILE:????M licensed under CC BY 3.0

Jisoo has more followers on the social media platform Instagram than Rosé, yet many BLINK think is the least popular member of the BLACKPINK. 

Because except for Jisoo, the other three singers have leading positions. While Lisa has been given the part of the principal dancer, Rosé is the primary vocalist, and Jennie is the chief rapper. Jisoo, however, does not have a position in the group. 

Lisa from BLACKPINK honestly has the most extensive fan base than other band members. She has over 80 million followers on Instagram. Each day around, thousands of people become her followers. 

Lisa is the most popular member of BLACKPINK.
Lisa by Explicit licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Also, for having millions of fans, she has been voted the Queen of BLACKPINK. There is no denying that Lisa is the most famous member of BLACKPINK. However, it’s unfair to think Rosé, Jisoo, or Jennie are less prominent. 

Each member has millions of supporters, and that makes them equally popular. But if we take the numbers seriously, then Lisa has earned fame the most and Rosé the least. 

Final Words

We mainly are BLACKPINK fans, but understandably, some will be more attention catchy than others. Lisa has become the most attention-catching singer in BLACKPINK and thus became the most famous singer in the group.

Rosé, on the contrary, is counted the last in being recognized as she has a minimal number of followers online.

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