Who Is William John Garner? Is He Jennifer Garner's Father?

Every parent should be proud of their child’s success. And behind that success, it takes thousands of hours of hard work. Today, we will talk about a man who supported his child at every stage of her life.

A close look at Jennifer Garner's father John Garner.
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He is none other than William John Garner, the father of one of the most loved actresses, producers, entrepreneurs, and beauty queens, Jennifer Garner.

We all know about the Alias star’s work, husband, and children, but we don’t know much about Jennifer’s dad. Before Jennifer was born, the Garner family lived in Houston, Texas.

Jennifer was born on April 17, 1972, and when she turned three, the Garner family decided to move to Charleston, West Virginia. There John Garner and his wife, Patricia, raised their three daughters with a good education.

In 1994 Jennifer went to Denison University in Granville, Ohio. In those four years, she learned about stage performance. She never thought about doing film or TV acting. She was only interested in performing on stage.

One thing Jennifer has proved is that she’s very close to her family. Besides her work, she manages her family life very well. Here’s an example:

In June 2020, Jennifer Garner posted a heart-touching tribute to her father with some sweet words on Instagram. Saying, 

Look at this face—equal parts mischief and crazy intelligence. Thank you, Billy Jack, for working your tail off, for hugging the world’s best hugs, and for mowing the lawn in the dark. #GirlDad—you scratched your head at the cost of pointe shoes but have never missed a performance. I grew up with the luxury of taking your work ethic, integrity, steadfast love of my mom, sisters, and me for granted. Yesterday you told me, ‘We love you so much, and we are so proud of you’, what more could a child ask of a father. Happy Father’s Day, Dad, we love YOU so much, are so lucky to be your girls, and we are so proud of YOU. ??

Many of you are curious to know about Jennifer Garner's father. Here is the detail.
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Now you can imagine how close the Garner family is to each other. We often see the Garner family spending time together and in 2018, they were photographed together. 

Well, let’s start with William John Garner’s work details and general information.

Personal Information of William John Garner

Jennifer’s dad lives a simple life with his three daughters and wife. However, he always appreciates and prioritizes his girls.

He is proud to have a celebrity daughter. On several occasions, Jennifer Garner talked about her family, especially her father.

She used to say how they have supported the Alias star all her life. Here are some personal details of Jennifer’s Father:

  • Name: William John Garner
  • Parents: George Floyd Garner(Father), 
    • Exie Mae Garner (Mother)
    • Thelma Quincy Garner (Step-Mother)

William John Garner is the father of our loving actress Jennifer Garner.
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  • Spouse: Patricia Ann
  • Children: Jennifer Garner, Melissa Garner Wylie, Susannah Kay Garner Carpenter
  • Work Place: Union Carbide
  • Profession: Chemical Engineer

Jennifer, on her father’s birthday, taking a lovely photo together.

The profession of William John Garner: 

By profession, William was a Chemical Engineer. He used to work as a Chemical Engineer for Union Carbide. He spent all his working life at that job while his wife (Jennifer’s mother) was a homemaker.

After some time, Jennifer’s mother started to work as an English teacher at the neighborhood college. They raised their daughters, providing them with good education and a good home. Jennifer is the middle sister among the three daughters.

Many of you might not know that initially, Jennifer Garner was following in her dad’s footsteps. She was studying Chemical Engineering. Afterward, Jennifer switched her degree to theater performance.

Now to think of it, if she stuck with chemistry, we may not have gotten a brilliant actress like her.

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