Willow Smith's Boyfriend 2022| Who is Willow Smith Dating?

Willow Smith has been in the limelight from a very young age. If you don’t know her, then let us tell you that she is the youngest daughter of Hollywood stars Will Smith and Jada Smith.

Although Willow was born in an affluent and celebrity family, she is famous for her acting, singing, and modeling talents.

Does Willow Smith have any Boyfriend? Is Willow Smith dating anyone?
Willow Smith by Joe Warminsky licensed under CC BY 2.0

The general public and fans have several questions regarding her sexuality even though she is only 21. These questions stem from another question: who is Willow Smith’s boyfriend? So, let us learn about her current relationship status. 

Who is Willow Smith Dating in 2022? 

Willow Camile Reign Smith or Willow Smith is not single currently. She has been dating Tyler Cole since 2017, and they are still happily dating each other. Willow is only 21 years old and met Tyler when she was a teenager.

Her teenage crush turned out to be her long-term boyfriend. Willow met Tyler through her elder brother, Jaden Smith. Tyler is a friend of Jaden’s. 

Although Willow opened up about being polyamorous two years ago, she has shown no signs of dating other people except Tyler.

Being polyamorous means having a relationship with multiple people at one time. This could also be with both women and men.

Willow’s parents have always been supportive of her decisions and choices.  

Who is Tyler Cole?

Apart from being Willow Smith’s boyfriend, Tyler Cole is also a singer and an artist like Willow. He has appeared in quite a few of Willow’s albums. Moreover, he is also a member of the band ‘The Anxiety.’ Tyler was a guest on Willow’s talk show, ‘Red Table Talk’, and Willow introduced her boyfriend as a close family friend, but everyone knows who he is.

Tyler and Willow have shown affection towards each other on social media. They have also been photographed together holding hands in different places. However, they like to keep their romantic life private as best as they can.  

Final Thoughts

No, Willow Smith is not single in 2022, as she has been dating the 22-year-old singer Tyler Cole since April 2017.

The couple is still going strong. They are still very young, and we hope they find that ‘mental peace’ with each other.

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