Top 13 Winona Ryder Movies and Tv Shows

Winona Laura Horowitz or Winona Ryder is famous for her performances in Hollywood films and TV shows. Not only is she a great actor, but a producer of some popular shows too. In the ’90s, she was engaged to Hollywood actor Johnny Depp.

Top 13 Winona Ryder Movies and Tv Shows list.
Winona Ryder by Larry Richman licensed under CC BY 2.0

Unfortunately, they never married. There are numerous Winona Ryder movies and Tv shows, so let us see some of her top movies and Tv shows. 

Top 13 Movies and Tv shows of Winona Ryder 

01. Stranger Things

Twelve-year-old Winona’s first hit Tv series was Stranger Things back in 1983. She won Golden Globe Awards for her performance as Joyce Byers, a young girl who lived in a small town in Indiana. The series is filled with ultimate thrills and is a must-watch.

02. Heathers

Here, Winona Ryder played Veronica’s role, a member of a very popular clique in high school. The movie was released in 1988 when Winona was 17 years old. Heather was a title that was given to the leader of the cliques in that high school. 

03. BeetleJuice

If you want to see a horror-comedy movie of the ’80s, then watch Beetlejuice. The souls of a deceased couple try to make a family residing in their old home move out. However, they were unsuccessful in this. Winona played the role of a teenager in this movie.   

04. Edward Scissorhands

This was the first movie where her ex-fiance Johnny Depp was her co-star. The duo played the lead characters, with Depp as Edward Scissorhands. Edward was blamed and punished for an awful crime that he did not commit. The duo was engaged in real life in this movie.  

05. Friends

We all know the ‘Friends’ Tv show, and the show features some of the fantastic and top-rated cameos of Hollywood. Winona was featured in Friends as Melissa Warburton in 1994. She was there as Rachel Green’s sorority sister who was visiting her. 

06. Girl Interrupted

This movie was featured in 1999. Although Winona was in her late 20s, she played the role of a teenage girl in the movie. The girl is mentally unstable and later found the companionship of a group of troubled women who impacted her life for the good. 

07. Bram Stoker’s Dracula

It is a horror movie where Vlad Dracula becomes a demon after his wife’s suicide. Later, when he traveled to London, he found out that his wife was reincarnated.

08. Black Swan

It is a 2010 movie, where Nina (Winona Ryder), a ballerina, finds her passion in life to act in the role of a princess swan. However, when the director casts another actress for this role, Nina slips into madness. 

09. Reality Bites

This movie is something that almost every ’90s kid can relate to. As the name suggests, Reality Bites, so a talented videographer (Winona Ryder) documents the raw life footage of hers and her friends. 

10. Mermaids

In the 1990 movies, Winona plays the role of a young girl whose single mother moved to a small town with her and her sister. They faced many challenges and events in their life which strengthen their bond as a family.

11. Little Women

This movie was based on the 19th-century civil war in America. Here, four sisters and their mother struggle after their US Army father left them for the war. 

12. Mr. Deeds

A young guy named Deeds from a small town turns a millionaire overnight after his uncle died, leaving him millions of dollars worth of property. However, later troubles followed him as his wealth grew. 

13. Homefront 

In this 2013 movie, a DEA  agent moved to a small town with his nine-year-old daughter after failing a mission. They wanted to live a peaceful life, but a meth drug lord stalls those plans.

So, these were the top 13 TV shows and movies of Winona Ryder. They are from different genres, and we suggest you watch a few.

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