Wiz Khalifa Girlfriend 2022| Is He Still Dating Aimee Aguilar?

Wiz Khalifa’s first “Black and Yellow” was a big hit and that was actually a great start for his future. Today he is one of the world’s best rappers. The “See You Again” singer is often on the news for being in love with different pretty ladies. 

Wiz Khalifa girlfriend and present dating partner details.
Wiz Khalifa by The Come Up Show licensed under CC BY 2.0

It seems he can’t stick with one woman for long and so there are many women he dated. So who’s Wiz Khalifa’s girlfriend in 2022? It’s Aimee Aguilar according to trusted sources. The two started dating in 2019 and first came publicly together on Aimee’s birthday. 

But there are also rumors going around that the duo might have broken up since Khalifa is not following Aguilar anymore. What’s the story behind all this? Read further to know the present dating news of Wiz Khalifa. 

Wiz Khalifa Has Been Reportedly Dating Aimee Aguilar Since 2019 

Wiz Khalifa had several affairs in his life. The rapper is also not single at the moment reportedly. He began to date Aimee Aguilar in 2019 and is still continuing his affair with her. Aguilar is an Instagram model. She somehow attracted Khalifa and thus became his girlfriend. 

The two didn’t declare their relationship news right after starting to date. The news of the two have been dating was spread after Aimee posted an image on her Instagram,

where she was close with Wiz.

Still it’s hard to keep a track on their love life since none of the celebrities shares their relationship updates with fans. 

Wiz Khalifa has not declared their break up on his own but rumors are saying Aimee Aguilar and the “See You Again” singer may not be seeing one another recently.

It was found out that Khalifa is no longer following Aguilar on Instagram. Although it seems like the two have broken up, we can still have a hope for them. 

Without the confirmation of Wiz Khalifa, we can’t say if he and Aimee have split their ways. Also it seems Wiz will not have the luck to keep his girls to him for longer for his attitude problem. 

On 2nd May 2022, he posted a status on his verified Twitter account where he wrote, “I like being bossed around by chicks for some reason.” He was reportedly dating Aimee Aguilar then. After a few days he unfollowed her. Since then his fans are worried about his relationship. But no need to worry. 

Khalifa may have had a reason to unfollow her. But we can’t assume the two aren’t dating anymore depending on following and unfollowing on social media.

Until the “Black and Yellow” singer calls himself single publicly or introduces his new girlfriend, we need to count the beautiful Aimee Aguilar as his girlfriend. 


Who’s Wiz Khalifa’s wife now?

Wiz Khalifa is not married anymore. He doesn’t have a wife right now. He was once married to his ex-wife Amber Rose. They had their marriage life last for three years and became the parents of a baby boy. 

They named him Sebastian Taylor Thomaz. In 2016 the couple were divorced and since then Khalifa dated several popular female celebrities. 

Are Wiz and Amber Rose back together?

“Amber Rose and Wiz Are Back Together” is false news. They are not going to get back since the duo got divorced. Amber herself confirmed that they are back together in an interview. 

Final Words

Wiz Khalifa is famous for not only his rapping but also for always keeping himself around chicks. He not only likes to be with females but also keeps his bossy attitude turned on with them. Hence, it’s hard for a lady to be his queen forever, at least for now. 

Last we’ve heard he began to date Aimee Aguilar, an Instagram prominent model. Is she still his girlfriend? It seems so since none of them has hinted at breaking up.

But Khalifa unfollowing Aimee made his fans get some shock and think that they are no longer together.

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