Who is Ysabel Jordan? Her Age, Height, Parents, Siblings, Net Worth

Ysabel Jordan is the daughter of the most famous basketball player, Michale Jordan, and model Yvette Prieto. Since her childhood, the universe of art has fascinated Ysabel Jordan. 

However, the media have considerably covered each spotlight of her life. Despite this, Ysabel Jordan was the media’s news before her birth for being a child of famous and high-profile parents.

In addition, as a daughter, Ysabel Jordan was born with a twin sister. As a child celebrity, Ysabel Jordan has fan followers largely.

Full Name Ysabel Jordan
BirthPlaceUnited States of America
BirthDate09 February 2014
Age7 years
ProfessionPopular star daughter(Not Yet)
Net worth$2million(by her father own)

How old is Ysabel Jordan? (Age)

Ysabel Jordan was born with her identical twin sister, Victoria Jordan. They were born as twins on February 9, 2014, in the USA.

Ysabel Jordan belongs to Ethnicity from her father’s side is of American descent, and from her mother’s side is of Cuban descent. So, according to her parent’s ancestry, she is Cuban-American.

According to Ysabel Jordan’s birth date, her zodiac sign is Aquarius. However, Ysabel Jordan is from a celebrity family, so she desires to be a model.

How Tall Is Ysabel Jordan? (Height)

As being a popular celebrity parent, Ysabel Jordan belongs to a famous star daughter. Therefore, she requires a great psyche and health, so as per the source, it’s specified that she is tall, 3 feet 2inches (1,23m., and 123cms).

As a measurement of body shape, she is slim, and her weight is 23 kgs. Ysabel Jordan’s hair color is Black, and her skin color is White.

She has a dark brown eye color which makes her look beautiful and look like a child model.

Who Are Jordan’s Parents?

Ysabel Jordan is the name of an American celebrity kid. She was born with the twin sisters as a celebrity couple of Basketball players Michael Jordan and Cuba Model Yvette Prieto.

Her father was a skillful American retired professional basketball player. Michael Jordan is the owner and the chairperson of the American recognized basketball teamCharlotte Hornets’ of the NBA.

Her mother is a model of Cuba, though she took part with the renowned stylist Alexander Wang. Yvette Prieto Prieto has also highlighted herself in the broadcast ‘Cuba: An Island Apart.’

Her progenitors suggest not imparting much about the twins’ whereabouts, and they want to keep them out of the spotlight about Ysabel Jordan and her twin sister Victory Jordan.

Ysabel Jordan is the name of the headings of various tabloids and gained the enthusiasm of millions even before her birth.

It happens because of her father, Michael Jordan, who was an earlier acknowledged basketball player.

Thus, when Michael Jordan and his second wife, Yvette Prieto, proclaimed and announced on November 30, 2013, that Ysabel Jordan’s mother Yvette was expecting their first child.

Although it was pretty noticeable that the child would become attracted to both the media and his followers worldwide.

However, the public and the media did not acknowledge that the couple was supposed to have twins’ babies. In 2011, Ysabel Jordan’s parents married. 

How Many Siblings Does Ysabel Jordan Have?

Of the siblings, Ysabel’s greatest brother is Jeffrey Jordan. He was born in 1988, on November 18, in America. From a young age, he walked in his father’s footsteps and began playing basketball.

Ysabel was born with his twin sister, Victoria Jordan, and also she has three step-siblings; two half-siblings. They are Jeffrey Jordan and Marcus Jordan, and Jasmine Mikael Jordan.

Her other brother Marcus is slightly diverse, so he chose his way. Marcus Jordan was born on December 24 in 1990, in America. Marcus is a businessperson and maintains a shoe shop called Trophy Room.

Finally, the gentle lady of the house named Jasmine Michael appeared and was born in 1992 on December 7.

However, All Ysabel’s siblings appear from her father’s and Juanita Vanoy, and previously they were married to each other. 

What Is Ysabel Jordan’s Net Worth?

According to the source, Ysabel Jordan is still considered as the stage of childhood. Thus she is not working, so there is no declaration of Ysabel Jordan’s Net Worth.

However, his father, Michael Jordan, was a famous retired basketball player; as per his career, Ysabel’s father’s Net worth is $2Million.


Ysabel is still a kid, so she appears to have no work and has not yet started any career. However, she is a child of a famous celebrity couple.

As per celebrity parents, she also appears in media news. Considerably there is no Net worth of Ysabel Jordan, but as a famous basket player, her father Michael Jordan’s net worth is $2Million.

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