7 Unknown Facts About Zendaya Teeth

Zendaya started her career in 2010 by appearing in ‘Shake It Up.’ It was in 2010, and she got quick fame right in that same year. She has been a massive crush of many boys since then. 

But it seems she was not happy with how she used to look, especially with her teeth. Hence she brought several changes to make her look prettier, which she is still hiding. 

Some Unknown facts about Zendaya Teeth
Zendaya by Vogue Taiwan licensed under CC BY 3.0

However, it’s simple to understand what changes she made by comparing her old pictures from 2010 to 2014. In this article, you will learn 7 unknown facts about Zendaya teeth changes that are easy to find. 

7 Teeth Changes of Zendaya 

1, Added Invisalign Braces 

The first treatment Zendaya may have had is adding Invisalign braces. In her pictures in 2010, you will find that her smile was narrower and her teeth had some crowding. 

But in her image from 2014, you will see her smile become broader and straighter. The area of her buccal corridor has a huge change now. In some of her photos from 2014, the Invisalign braces were clearly seen.

2. Had Veneers 

Zendaya most probably has veneers.

This is a type of shell for teeth that not only keep the teeth healthy but also makes them more visible. It can last ten to thirty years, which is why we are saying she still can have veneers. 

A person can do all the teeth exercises while wearing the shells, which will not bother the person anyway. Her teeth visibility is one of the drastic changes which help us understand she may have added veneers. 

 3. Applied Composite

In order to make her teeth look perfect, she also could have tried composite bonding. It’s a dental treatment that uses materials used for tooth filling. 

 Did Zendaya Fix Her teeth? Is it rumor or truth?
Zendaya by ZendayaColemanOct2010.jpg licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

If we carefully saw Zendaya’s teeth in 2014, we will find her teeth had pretty good gaps. But in 2014, the gaps are no longer seen. 

Generally, tooth gaps get visible with the days passing, so it’s clear she applied composite to remove the unnecessary spaces between her teeth. 

4. Removed Her Wisdom Teeth

Zendaya removed her wisdom teeth on 4th January 2019. Her new year was probably horrible with the pain her wisdom teeth caused her. 

The pretty actress had surgery to take those wicked teeth out. She posted about it on Twitter, and there is a video where she was recorded talking about it.

The actress said, “Right now, I can’t feel my lips which is weird. But after that, I feel pretty normal. I feel normal. This is a little wobbly, but that was so quick. It was so quick (the surgery).”

5. Whitening Teeth 

While some of us believe toothpaste can keep our teeth white, actually, it can’t. There is a dental treatment called “Teeth Whitening,” which we believe Zendaya takes often.

all you need to know about Zendaya Wisdom Teeth.
Zendaya by MTV International licensed under CC BY 3.0

A person needs to continue this treatment to get a white and bright set of teeth every day. Most celebrities like her do teeth whitening. 

6. She turned her Black Gum into Pink

It’s easy to tell that your teeth are either healthy or unhealthy by looking at your gum. In 2010 Zendaya didn’t have healthy teeth, and her gum was black. But within four years, she made her gum look pink and bright. 

It means she regularly takes care of not only her teeth but also her health. To get pinker gum, a person needs to take care of their teeth and eat fresh and healthy vegetables and fruits, which Zendaya regularly does. 

7. Lowered the Upper Jaw Teeth 

In 2010’s pictures of Zendaya, the teeth at her upper jaw were not seen. But in 2014, all her teeth, including the upper jaw, were correctly captured in cameras. This tells us she lowered her upper jaw teeth to look completely flawless. 

Final Words

If you’ve known Zendaya since 2010, you must have noticed how drastically the actress has changed. Of course, she was beautiful in the past, but now, she has become flawless. These days everyone knows the secret of stars being unblemished. 

Zendaya’s teeth were the most important part she had to focus on. In the past, her teeth were imperfect, and those imperfections were impossible to perfect on their own. 

In these 7 unknown facts about Zendaya’s teeth, we revealed what she could have done to achieve her intact smile and how it changed her facial shape. Like most other celebrities ‘The Spider-Man Homecoming actress kept the news of her changes secret.

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